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Ok, here we are at the Fleshpainter Silly Naked Girl Video web page. If you’ve just arrived here, you can view the Fleshpainter Galleries. If you’ve already been there, then there’s no real point in going back. You need to go ahead and get yourself a video. you can download it for $3.99 just by clicking HERE
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So... you say you've never seen a full frontal nude comedy video DVD movie before? Well you've come to the right place. Following in the footsteps of such facetious - spoof - sarcastic - mockumentary movie classics as: Monty Python, Men In Black, Young Frankenstein, Mars Attacks, Spaceballs,  This is Spinal Tap, Idiocracy, and others like them, Fleshpainter's Silly Naked Girls will warm your heart and delight your friends!

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Looking for a great gag-gift to play at a late night party? Here it is:
Destined to become a cult classic collectors item, watch the motion picture that was permanently
banned from all the major television networks and utterly rejected by all the major film festivals! First place winner of the prestigious Fleshpainter awards, and critically acclaimed best comedy motion picture of the year by Fleshpainter Magazine, this heartwarming adventure is just loaded with Fun, Frolic, & Mischief!
The life of world class body paint artist "Fleshpainter" isn’t as easy as it looks. He does his best to make the girls look pretty, but these models just keep on being silly.
Things can get really graphic behind the scenes of a nude body painting session. Based upon absolutely true events, (snicker) watch and see what kind of sacrifices Fleshpainter has to go through for these women, all for the sake of art!